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The Story of Cinderella

Posted in Drama

cinderella The Story of Cinderella is a comedy sketch in which no real acting ability is required making it ideal for the boys to perform. It is particularly good for Open Night or Annual Display nights. It requires only 5 actors. Each actor has a specific prop or single costume item identifying each different character. The scenes are short and the lines are not hard to learn. Its not a good idea to do it reading from paper scripts after a few practices the boys will easily learn the lines.




Narrator – wearing a top hat or holding a microphone.      

Cinderella – pretty bow in the hair

Prince Charming – Cardboard crown or party hat

Ugly Sister  – tasteless lady’s hat or wig

Fairy Godmother  – short wand



The sketch has a simple layout the 5 characters sit on 5 chairs in a row facing the audience. They should have absolutely blank expressions on their faces, even when the audience is laughing, and their lines are delivered slowly and deliberately, without expression or interest.



Each one stands to say his/her line and sits immediately afterwards.

Each one waits till the previous speaker sits down before standing and, if the audience is laughing, waits till the laughter subsides.



Scene One                
Narrator The Story of Cinderella
I am the Narrator
Cinderella I am Cinderella
Prince Charming I am Prince Charming
Ugly Sister I am the Ugly Sister
Fairy Godmother I am the Fairy Godmother
Cinderella I am beautiful
Prince Charming I am handsome
Ugly Sister I am ugly
Fairy Godmother I am good
Narrator Scene two
Cinderella I am sad
Ugly Sister I am going to the ball
Clean my shoes
Cinderella Alright
Ugly Sister Press my frock
Cinderella Alright
Narrator End of scene two
Narrator Scene three - The Kitchen
Cinderella I am sad
Fairy Godmother Why are you sad ?
Cinderella I am not going to the ball.
Fairy Godmother Yiu may go to the ball.
Cinderella Alright
Narrator Appear one coach
Narrator sits then stands again
Narrator Plus accessories
Fairy Godmother Be back before 12 !
Cinderella Alright
Narrator End of scene three
Narrator Scene four - The Ball
Ugly Sister

Who's that ?

Prince Charmng Shes's beautiful
Prince Charming sits then stands again
Will you dance ?
Cinderella Alright
Narrator DONG !
Cinderella I must go.
Prince Charming She has left her slipper
Narrator End of scene four
Narrator Scene five - The Kitchen
Cinderella I am sad
Narrator Enter Prince Charming
Prince Charming Try this.
Ugly Sister It fits
Prince Charming It doesn't
Prince Charming sits then stands again


Try this
Cinderella It fits
Prince Charming It does
I love you
Cinderella I love you
Prince Charming Marry me
Cinderella Alright
Cinderella sits then stands again
I am happy
Ugly Sister I am sad
Prince Charming I am married
Fairy Godmother I am still good
Narrator The end
Cinderella Alright

Click here to download as a PDF document.

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