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The Junior Section programme is a full and varied one. During a typical evening we will have physical activities with boys taking part in our Awards scheme. The Junior Award Scheme is a part of the programme for Junior Section boys. The aim of this scheme is to run alongside the normal section programme, with the focus being for boys to have a time of fun and enjoyment. The Junior Award Scheme uses materials under the 5 following headings:


Body - Fit for Fun
Variety of games and physical activities


Mind - Think and Do
Puzzles, quizzes, thinking games, treasure hunts, hobbies and collections.


Spirit - God and Me
Devotions, prayers, bible stories, characters & Christian Festivals.


Community - Me and my World
Conservation, the local community, the church and helping others.


Creativity - Make and Do
Crafts, simple cooking, mime and drama.














Children of this age are developing rapidly. There are big changes in a child's mental, emotional, social and physical development. They are gaining a greater independance and developing a competitive edge. However, all children are different and have a variety of needs. The relationships formed with children at this age can be important in assisting them to achieve a sound sense of personal and group identity.



Juniors is about . . .


  • Having fun
  • Making friends
  • Enjoying lots of activities
  • Trying new things

Through the many different activities, Juniors will . . .

  • Learn about themselves
  • Get to know people and learn to work together
  • Explore their community
  • Personally develop