The Company Section offers a programme that is full and varied, with activities to suit all levels of ability. Each week there is a variety
of activities including sports, games, Bible study and badge classes. The aim is to promote co-operation and teamwork, whilst at the
same time allowing boys to be individuals. 

During a normal session we will try out new and different games, at the same time repeating the old favourites. In the summer months
we will have a weekend camp along with a selection of outdoor or adventure activities.

Here is our Company Section annual review video from 2017 which offers a flavour of what we do.

The badge structure is called the Discover Programme. Weekly 30 minute badge classes work towards gaining points towards the badges.

The Discover programme is divided into 3 main zones with 4 levels of achievement.



This zone gives an opportunity to learn about and make a difference to the world around us.


This zone gives an opportunity to adventurous and develop confidence through an active and healthy lifestyle.


This zone gives an opportunity to learn new skills and display creativity.