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Company Section is for boys aged 10 - 15 years old who are currently in school years P7 - S6. Our annual session starts in August
and runs through until a parents night in May when parents, grandparents and friends can come along and see
a selection of games & activities the boys have enjoyed during the year.
We normally meet every week during term time.


Senior Section is for boys aged 15 - 18 years old. They meet at the same time on Friday nights and so are effectively a part of
Company Section. Seniors just have more responsibility and actively help the staff run the Company.

We meet in the Balmanno Hall at Mannofield Church on Fridays from 7.45pm - 10.00pm.

Why not come and join us - to get in touch please see our General Enquiries page.

Have a look at our best bits from this past BB session.

More About Company & Senior Section
Company & Senior Section boys wear the formal version of the Company uniform which consists of a blue BB shirt & tie and a BB belt.
It is worn with school trousers, black socks & shoes. Senior boys wear a slightly different tie. Can you notice the difference ?
Full details of uniform and how to buy or order a uniform are provided in our Welcome Pack.

Weekly activities include a variety of activities including badge classes, games, sports, challenges and gymnastics.

Individual Games - where the boys compete as individuals against each other. Some are elimination games,
some are for points, some are for fun.
Typical individual games might include Dodgeball, Circle Games, Chair Football & Fitness Challenge.

Team Games - where boys have to play as a team, to work together to do as well as they can.
Typical team games might include Football, Team Shift, Unihoc, Volleyball & Skittleball.

Some weeks there are gymnastic sessions on our vaulting horse, parallel bars & gym mats. We have jumpstyle mini trampoline
sessions and create human pyramids. 

We run an annual Intersquad competition and have special evenings for this. There is a Christmas Party and at least twice a year
the evening is taken over by the senior boys for a NCO Night.

There is also a weekly tuck shop selling discounted sweets and drinks.

They are a lively enthusiastic bunch full of energy and fun.

In this video you can learn a bit more about what its like in Company Section from BB Scotland.

The Boys' Brigade (Scotland) - Seniors from The Boys' Brigade on Vimeo.