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The Anchor Boys Awards scheme is not rigidly structured with set badge classes.
Instead the boys are awarded badges for taking part in the weekly activities designed to fit in with the Anchors Programme.

Core Activity Awards

The core awards for Anchors are Green, Blue & Red awards with an optional Yellow award for Companies working with 4yr olds.Currently we do not do that in the 44th Aberdeen as boys joining must be at least 5 years old.

AB Core Awards


The Anchors Programme has 6 Activity Areas and these same Activity Areas are also used across all our other age groups, providing consistency for children and young people as they move through the organisation.

The Activity Areas are:

  • Get Active
  • Get Adventurous
  • Get Creative
  • Get into the Bible
  • Get Involved
  • Get Learning

Membership Award

The Membership Award is to be presented to new members once they have completed one activity in at least 3 Activity Areas. This usually happens within the first month of joining Anchors.

badges membership 8

Service Award

Each year boys gain a Service Award indicating how many years they have been a member. This badge stays with them and the number grows as they move up through the differnt Sections of the organisation.


Wearing Awards

The badges are worn on a single armband as shown below.

 anchor armband new


For further information on the Anchor Programme & Awards please visit the BB UK site here.