Boys Brigade

The Boys Brigade is the oldest Christian uniformed organisation in the world.

Each week The Boys' Brigade works with thousands of young people, many of whom have no other connection with the Church. We have faith in young people and provide opportunities for children and young people to learn, grow and discover in a safe, fun and caring environment which is rooted in the Christian faith.

The Boys' Brigade provides a balanced programme of fun activities for children and young people from 5 to 18 years old. These resources have been developed to help volunteer youth leaders work in a relevant and creative way. We hope through these programmes they will be able to make a positive contribution to a young person's life and be able to share their faith.

Our work is split into age groups as follows:

For younger boys :

Anchors   Anchor Boys - for boys in P1 to P3 (min aged 5)

Juniors   Junior Section - for boys in P4 to P6


The Boys' Brigade - Under 11s from The Boys' Brigade on Vimeo.

For older boys :

Company   Company Section- for boys in P7 to S2

Seniors   Senior Section - for young men in S3 to S6

The Boys' Brigade - Over 11's from The Boys' Brigade on Vimeo.

Come and join in the adventure.